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Ground Truth training courses cover a range of topics that are backed by empirical data with real operators, and taught through a series of narrative-based learning techniques. Our methods and theories have been empirically tested in extremely difficult environments by a team of internationally recognized psychologists. Our data comes from research with law enforcement, military, security services and the intelligence services. This world leading research has been used by CIA, DoD, FBI officers in the US, by the Joint Force Intelligence Group, MoD and National Counter Terrorism Units across the UK as well as by Shin Bet in Israel, and by law enforcement agencies across Europe. The latest sectors interested in our work include International Banks, Trade Compliance and Humanitarian organisations.   

BASIC (2 -3 days)

  • Introduction to key models and core components via  interactive and engaging lectures and mini-tasks.

  • Participants become familiar with new theories and perspectives developed by the Ground Truth team as well as how these theories are operationalized in the real-world (e.g., goal-based decision-making, or rapport-based interrogation).

  • Participants construct and role-play ‘Self-build scenarios’ drawn from their own experiences (and guided by facilitators).  

  • Provides a foundation for learning as well as. the tools to evaluate one’s own, and others, practice.

  • Suitable for frontline practitioners, managers and supervisors, interview planners

ADVANCED  (3 - 5 days)

  • Further skill development via immersive scenarios using role-actors can be added onto the initial basic training for more advanced frontline practitioners.

  • Bespoke Scenarios that are custom designed to test particular challenges that frontline practitioners are likely to encounter in the field.

  • We are recognised as having unparalleled expertise in the design of immersive scenarios, having developed countless immersive learning events (and studied the value of immersive role play and how to use these to assist learning). 

  • Participants will receive in-depth feedback and coaching to improve and develop their delivery over the course of the training.

TACTICAL (1 - 2 days)

  • Advanced practitioners who are facing particular challenges or situations can be provided with a one or two day tactical session.

  • They will be provided with a number of domain specific scenarios to role-play in order to test and determine the most beneficial approach to improve performance. 

  • They will receive support from facilitators to debrief and identify those approaches and/or behaviours which are most successful and those best avoided. 

  • This sort of bespoke, focused session can be used to boost a team’s skill levels prior to a specific task or deployment or to manage a particular hurdle that has arisen. 


The objective of Observing Rapport Based Interpersonal-Techniques (ORBIT) training is to enable individuals from a wide range of organisations (security, military, law enforcement, humanitarian organisations, corporate conduct/compliance/ audit/ risk teams) to obtain comprehensive, detailed and direct information in a way that is legal, sensitive, compassionate, respectful, professional and, most critically, effective.  ORBIT is based on the highest standards of scientific scrutiny.

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An  evaluation of our 5-day immersive scenario-based training strategy (used with interrogation and the UK police on the national counter-terrorism interviewing course) found  that participants used the learning and approaches consistent with the trained model in their daily practice up to 18 months post-training. 


As such, we have evidence that even with relatively short training ‘dosage’ (5 days), skills are maintained for a significant duration.


Anecdotal evidence also confirms this with comments from senior leadership in U.K. counter-terrorism:




‘We can tell who has and who has not received the (ORBIT interrogation) training as soon as we are on deployment’.